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Already there are an estimated 1.5 million orphans living in Kenya. Sadly, these numbers will increase as the epidemic matures increasing number of AIDS orphans will grow up without parental care and love and be deprived of their basic rights to shelter, food, health and EDUCATION. After realizing that many orphans drop out school, especially the girl child, because they assume the responsibility to look after house hold duties in parents instead. Including  that of caring for their younger siblings.

In most cases these children are left under care of relatives or guardians who also have their own children provisions unfilled.

SMART NAKURU is currently looking for SPONSORS

One orphan needs a monthly contribution of US$ 30. So far the organization has 60 orphans between the ages of 4 – 16 years (see pictures) they don’t have school uniform, books, school materials, furniture and sanitation etc.

To enable  us run this program more effectively and to reach more orphans , motivate them study hard and stay in schools. We kindly need your assistance. This will promote International under standing through child sponsorship programs.


SMART NAKURU has  in the past networked with other CBO’s and NGO’s in its fight against HIV/AIDS in Rhonda Slums. We have seen people still leading perilous life styles in the Rhonda despite endless exhortation for them to change. The organization has been training workshops/seminars between the months of August and December and have equipped the community with training facilitation skills on matters pertaining HIV/IDS  thus making them disseminate information to others as peer educators.

SMART NAKURU is appealing to any organization, church and friends to assist us organize more workshops/seminars in future.

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