(Caring for Orphans and Widows)
SMART NAKURU – SHG is relatively small community based (non-profit) organization (CBO), working in Rhonda slums within Nakuru- Town in Kenya (Africa).
Rhonda slums in Nakuru municipality have an estimated population of almost one hundred and fifty thousand people. Most of these residents are extremely poor as a result of lack of income generating activities (IGA’s) lack of formal and informal employment, poor infrastructure and sanitation.

Smart Nakuru – SHG has been working with the community in addressing persistent issues affecting them like, lack of water, sanitation, HIV/AIDS, school drop-outs, environment etc.


To see AIDS orphans, widows and other vulnerable children out of misery and poverty.


To improve the quality of life those in NEED.
Providing humanitarian relief to individuals in NEED, including AIDS orphans and the poor.
Providing sanitary towels to the needy girls in the slums.
Provide clean drinking water by constructing or providing plastic (storage) water tanks to schools in the slums.


Since HIV/AIDS is the biggest challenge facing the world today, the organization has embarked on program to combat HIV and AIDS through sensitization, advocacy and behaviour change. The rate of HIV infection in Rhonda slums is alarming with frequent burial arrangements showing evidence of intensity of the problem.

Initially Smart Nakuru – SHG has been providing People living with HIV and AIDS especially widows/single mothers and their children with Food – Take Home Rations Monthly. To boost their health through nutritional Program and support these patients as most of these widows/single mothers (patients) are jobless and cannot afford to buy food for themselves and their children, but they can do something to earn a living.

AKINYI (41 years)
Akinyi is 41 years old positive widow living in Rhonda slums. She lives with her 10 children aged between 3 – 18 years. Her eldest daughter nurses her when she is ill. Akinyi does piece work, which mainly consists of baking cakes (mandazi) along the road sides. On a good day she makes 1 dollar and she buys some food for herself and her children. On days when she gets NO customers to buy her product, she just explains to her children that there is no food to eat.

NJERI (38 years)
Njeri is 38 years old positive single parent of seven children, who lives in the same slums. She has been ailing for the last 4 years and she shares 10 x 10 foot mud walled house with her ageing mother and her seven children


Most of these widows/single mothers who are living positively are extremely poor as a result of lack of Income Generating Activities (IGA) to support their children’s (orphans). To equip these widows/single mothers to be economically independent and self-reliant. There is need to provide them with small revolving loans (funds) to start small business, like selling fruits, juice, vegetables, chicken rearing to supplement income and support their children as they face economic difficulties and cannot meet their financial obligations. This will engage them in IGA that would promote self-reliance and sustenance in order to reduce poverty.


HIV/AIDS affect mainly to the productive group of the society. Victims loose strength daily. They cannot continue working; they need food, shelter, medicine and fees for their children. As both parents die, they leave behind young children who cannot vent for themselves. It is heart breaking to see dying parents leaving young orphans who have no means.
Most of these orphans are primary school drop-outs due to lack of school fees. Girls under fifteen years are frequently pressured into sex with older men in exchange for food, clothing etc.

Any real solution to the AIDS Pandemic Solution to these girls will have to set up a vocational training Centre and equip them with useful skills. The recommended courses to be offered will include Dress making and tailoring, Hair dressing, Computer Training, Baking, Cookery and Knitting.

At the training centre, we will provide them with adequate information regarding HIV/AIDS by creation of educational materials such as printed pamphlets, video shows, and also by inviting key resource persons such as Doctors, Nurses and Counselors from the Ministry of Health to talk to them at least once per week

By providing such courses girl’s problems like early Marriages, Prostitution, Forced Marriages, FGM, Unwanted Pregnancies, Emotional, frustrations and many would be brought to minimum. HIV/AIDS information will be disseminated to the girls.


Blessed Voices is a gospel group comprising of youthful brethren mostly orphans being supported by the organization and have been ministering by singing songs of praise and worship unto our Lord. The group is self-supporting.
Our drawback has been lack of adequate musical instruments and resources to purchase to the same.

The group will appreciate donations in material form for instance used/new musical instruments i.e. Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Trumpet, Amplify, Drums, Generator etc.

It is our sincere hope that you will join us in partnership to claim Kenya and indeed Africa for our Lord Jesus Christ.


As indicated earlier, many of the People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAS) and their children can hardly get food to eat along side the medication (ARVS). They cannot take the medication on an empty stomach. As the organization, we have been providing them with Take-Home Rations Monthly unfortunately; we have been depending on local well wishers and friends to buy food for these patients. This is to let you know that we have been unable to provide them with food for several months due to lack of funds.

We do lack tools and equipments to set up a Vocational Training Centre like Sewing Machines, Knitting Machines, Ovens, Computers, Over lock Machine, Zigzag Machines, General Materials, etc.


To construct an Orphanage Home within the slums to cater for these kids.
To establish a Resource Centre in order to help the youths access the quality information on AIDS. There is need to set up a Resource Centre within the same Vocational Centre that has facilities like Television Set, DVD, Pamphlets, Booklets, Video tape and Books on HIV/AIDS.
Recreational activities also will be available, they will include indoor and out side games.
Feeding programme for the AIDS Orphans and other vulnerable children. The programme intends to reach at least 100 orphans within the regions in quest to provide them with lunch as a way to feel accepted, appreciated and motivate them to study hard and stay in schools.


Roof Catchment is one of the simplest ways to having one’s own Water Supply. One can imagine the amount of rain water that goes down the drain. Roof Catchment is one form of Water Conservation that can be practiced by everybody.
Smart Nakuru is appealing to any other organization to assist us construct (storage) water tanks or buy the plastic water tanks to the schools in the slums. If fully tapped a lot of water can be conserved and help the community to harvest as much water as possible for their domestic use.


We thank International Charitable Giving Committee at Group Publishing through H.E.L.P International for sample books, toys, caps, T-shirts and other educational materials.

Paradise Community Church in Australia for their educational materials. We feel indebted to Full-Life-Trio for their beautiful gospel CD’s and constructing us a website.

To achieve our mission and goals we need your Help, Prayers and Support.


Contact information:

P.O BOX 17206-20100


Email us if you would like to help out with your prayers or financial support. We would love to hear from you!

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